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It may happen that a company needs to expand its spaces, for production, for the marketing of its products or simply as a warehouse and storage area. In this case may consider making a mobile shed.

It is a solution that in fact allows you to obtain new covered spaces quickly, without having to apply for any building permit and without spending too much money. The prices of mobile sheds are much lower than a brick shed, without forgetting that this is now a very competitive market. In short, just ask as many quotes as possible, to be able to find the company that allows you to get the best relationship between quality and price.

But what does the current legislation on mobile sheds say? Let’s find out together, so as to understand which documents you need to submit for the construction of a shed and how much the IMU to be paid.


The construction of a masonry shed involves the need to present many documents and to take on a bureaucracy that can be extremely long. It is therefore impossible to respond in a timely manner to the needs of a company’s new spaces. On the other hand, the situation with regard to mobile warehouses is completely different, which in fact require very little bureaucracy. It is not necessary to apply for a building permit. It is sufficient to present the Certified Notification of Commencement – S.C.I.A. to the Municipality where the works are to take place. It is very important to remember that as soon as this report is presented, it is possible to start building the mobile shed you need, immediately.

It is possible that in some cases it is also necessary to submit the Business Start Report – D.I.A., at the same time as the above mentioned report. This complaint is necessary in the event that the mobile shed is very large, so large as to substantially change the size of the entire company, or in the event that its presence changes, always substantially of course, the shape of the company itself. The D.I. A. is also necessary if there are landscape constraints that need to be taken into consideration. Attention, it is important to remember in this case it will not be possible to immediately carry out the work for the construction of the mobile shed, since it may take up to 30 days for the release of this complaint.


After the construction of a mobile warehouse, the company must obviously pay the IMU, based on the category to which the structure obviously belongs. Usually these are covers that fall into category C and D as they are intended to be used for commercial purposes, or for warehouse and storage purposes. To calculate the IMU that must be paid, the revaluation coefficient which is equal to 5% must be added to the cadastral income of the shed. The result of this sum must then be multiplied by the IMU rate, which is different depending on the municipality in which the warehouse is located. However, the current legislation allows to deduct 50% of the IMU that has been paid, a very high percentage that must be considered as a real economic aid for today’s companies, in fact looking for the maximum possible savings.

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