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We are certified according to the UNI EN ISO1090 standard for structural carpentry.

The standard specifies the requirements for the conformity assessment of the construction and performance characteristics of structural steel and aluminum components as well as kits placed on the market as construction products.

The implementation of the current UNI EN 1090 Standard Project as specifications for the CE marking of the product related to Directive 89/106 / EC CPD, is the future for manufacturers of structural metalwork. Anyone, without exception, who wants to place structural carpentry products on the Italian or European market is obliged to provide the CE marking according to this standard!

According to the UNI EN 1090-1 standard, companies that build structures or parts of them, in steel or aluminum, must integrate a production control (FPC) in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 3834 standard, to submit for verification to a committee for the release of the Certificate of Conformity

The manufacturer of metal carpentry elements for structural use, if in possession of CE marking for these products on the basis of EN 1090-1, does not need the certificate of documentation deposit at transformation center for metal carpentry, issued in accordance to 11.3 .4.10 and of the Ministerial Decree 14.01.2008.

Our company has submitted its staff to the examination of the certification body (TSUS) getting the certificate for structural steel components production in execution class EXC-2 for materials of the 1.1 (= S275) and 1.2 (S355) family ) UNI CE ISO / TR 15608

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