Aluminum dock levellers

What are aluminum dock levellers?

Loading and unloading ramps as well as ramps for vans can be present in numerous work environments, such as for example in construction sites where it is necessary to implement a handling project or in the storage of various materials, as well as loading and unloading of goods.

It is an equipment necessary for the normal development of the work flow within industries and factories or on construction sites.

pedana in alluminio manuale

Operating principle of a steel dock leveller

The operator raises the platform manually or by means of buttons that operate the electro-hydraulic unit. After which the vehicle is pulled back to the designated position and the platform can be adhered using its special flap (it can be telescopic, fixed or foldable according to requirements) and the system is secured to allow the goods to transit.


The dock levellers are installed on the reinforced concrete dock (it can also be a metal carpentry dock or a self-supporting frame, as in the photo on the side) by dowelling and/or welding to the metal angles embedded in the reinforced concrete structure.

Equipped with various safety systems, once installed they allow the transit of the pallet truck or forklift directly into the truck or container, after having docked this in safety.

Therefore, all loading and unloading operations can be performed by one person, significantly speeding up loading/unloading processes, saving manpower, optimizing logistics processes and increasing profits for the company.

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