Looking for the perfect shed for your business?

We will design the ideal solution for your needs! We make roofs in metal carpentry covered with pvc cloth, sandwich panels or sheet metal.

Our structures are designed, calculated and related by qualified engineers according to the reference regulations.


  • Speed of construction
  • Flexibility
  • Low costs


We only use certified materials:

  • Fully hot galvanized metal carpentry, accompanied by the certificates of origin of the profiles;
  • Certified structural hardware;
  • Anchoring systems certified and sized by qualified civil engineer;
  • PVC sheets of different thicknesses depending on the use, fireproof class 2;
  • Sandwich + photovoltaic panels

For the realization of the base structure, whether fixed or mobile, we use hot galvanized carbon steel because its intrinsic properties of resilience and toughness allow to create robust structures, difficult to alter by weathering, quickly installable and less expensive compared to traditional building.

We assist our customers in all stages of construction, from the inspection to the estimate, and up to the installation.

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