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Aluminum footrests

more solid and resistant

The use of an aluminum platform can be used for various tasks, such as transporting containers, heavy platforms and livestock trailers, the tank, the refrigerator for transporting perishable food and in this case the trailer is equipped with a motor . with an additional tank, extendable chassis trailer for transporting very long products, low-bed trailer.

We can also fit several machines on one trailer, in the case of special works: cranes, military equipment, emergency and intervention vehicles or vehicles used for special works such as logging, bridges and roads, network maintenance. Cleaning or hydrocuring, mining vehicles, cinema lighting, podiums for shows.
In Quebec, winter sports enthusiasts such as snowmobiles use the utilitarian type aluminum trailer to transport their snowmobiles and this same trailer can be used for transporting mountain bikes.
Some people call this type of trailer and some snowmobile and ATV dealers distribute it to their customers.

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