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Loading platforms

The mobile loading bridge of our platforms considerably accelerates the process of unloading and loading of goods in the warehouse. A significant advantage, unlike the fixed stand, it is possible to move freely around the warehouse and beyond with the help of an integrated transport base.
Our company presents numerous models of loading and unloading platforms and ramps, with loading capacities of 6, 8, 10 and 12 tons. On request, our production and supply of dock levellers can easily adapt to the needs of companies. Low price and good quality are the distinguishing features of our products.

The principle of the operation on a mobile stand

The loader lifts the edge of the platform (there is a special place for the handle of the rigid joint) and takes it to the truck. Using manual hydraulics, a person, pressing the handle of the hydraulic pump, adjusts the height of the arm to the required level (from 900 mm to 1650 mm).

After installation, the truck loading platform is securely fixed to the trolley by two chains and the wheels are blocked by the parking brakes (the chains and locking brakes are delivered with a ramp). Then the forklift is loaded with a load on the mobile gantry surface directly into the truck or container.
Therefore, all loading and unloading operations can be performed by one person only, as they need one less employee who has previously collected the goods with the help of a trolley to / from the truck.
As a result, the mobile hydraulic arm significantly accelerates the loading / unloading processes, saves labor, optimizes logistics processes and increases profits.

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