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Electrohydraulic dock levellers

Electrohydraulic loading platforms can be found in many work environments, such as on construction sites where a handling project needs to be implemented, or in activities involving the storage of various materials, as well as the loading and unloading of goods.

They are necessary equipment for the normal flow of work within industries and factories or on construction sites.

What are electrohydraulic dock levellers?

These are instruments that are raised by the operator by means of push buttons that operate the electrohydraulic control unit. After that, the vehicle is retracted to the designated position and the loading point can be made to adhere by means of the appropriate flap (it can be telescopic, fixed, or tilting as required) and the system is secured to then transit the goods.

Pedane di carico elettroidrauliche - G4 Energy

Electrohydraulic dock levellers are installed to the reinforced concrete dock (this can also be a metal carpentry dock or a self-supporting frame, as in the photo opposite) by doweling and/or welding to metal angles embedded in the reinforced concrete structure.

Equipped with various safety systems, once installed they allow the transit of the pallet truck or forklift directly into the truck or container, after safely docking the latter.
Therefore, all loading/unloading operations can be performed greatly speeding up processes, saving labor, optimizing logistics processes and increasing profits for the company.

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