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Industrial tunnels in insulated panels

What are industrial tunnels in insulated panels?

Industrial tunnels in insulated panels are special roofing characterized by a particular thermal insulating capacity.

It is therefore a structure designed to minimize internal temperature variations and which allows for better energy efficiency.

Tunnel industriali - G4 Energy
Tunnel industriali in pannelli coibentati - G4 Energy

The solution for industrial tunnels in insulated panels

There are several advantages in choosing to purchase a metal carpentry structure covered with heat-insulating sandwich panels, specifically:

  • They allow significant economic savings both for the construction and for maintenance
  • The necessary building works are extremely reduced compared to traditional masonry counterparts
  • Total observance and compliance with seismic and environmental standards
  • They offer excellent thermo-acoustic insulation performances
  • High structural stability and resistance to chemical-atmospheric agents
  • They allow us to offer a healthy, modern and easily customizable workplace
  • They are inhospitable structures for parasites and unassailable by rodents

Given the high adaptability of the carpentry constructions, they allow them to be moved, expanded or modified quickly and with low costs

It is therefore a technology that allows you to build real industrial warehouses equivalent to traditional concrete warehouses, but with much faster construction times and much more modest costs, offering a valid alternative for increasing storage areas or expanding the surfaces of the areas of work.

The metal structure is made of hot-dip galvanized steel profiles or tubular. The finished structure has the CE mark and the release of the DOP (Declaration of Performance) according to the UNI EN ISO 1090-1 standard.

Tunnel industriali coibentati - G4 Energy

The sandwich panels used are available in different colours, finishes and thicknesses. With them it is possible to create modern and clean structures.

The technology that makes all this possible is the use of self-extinguishing expanded polyurethane foams to offer acoustic and thermal insulation, inside two galvanized and polyurethane resins powder-coated steel sheets, hence the term SANDWICH with which this type of panel is known. The total thickness of the Sandwich panel is generally 40 mm but according to the customer’s needs both higher and lower thicknesses are available and the various surface finishes and shapes with which the external layers are printed allow them to be adaptable even in most situations in which rules related to landscaping and cultural heritage must be respected.

We offer tailor-made services for each client, including personalized leasing and subsidized financing through partner companies and the possibility of offering turnkey and worry-free packages.

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