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Loading ramps

What are loading ramps?

A yard ramp (or loading ramp) is basically a ramp made of metal carpentry formed by an inclined part and a horizontal one, which allows at the same time to connect different heights with the lowest possible slope and simplify the operator’s work while remaining level compared to the floor of the docked trucks or trailers. The presence of wheels allows these tools to be moved, through the use of forklifts, within the area dedicated to loading or unloading goods, in order to be used in different points or placed in a shelter if not used.

In many logistics warehouses in Italy and around the world there is no loading bay or dock. This lack makes all goods handling operations long, laborious and expensive due to the need to employ a greater number of personnel dedicated to this task.

Rampe di carico e da piazzale - G4 Energy
G4 Energy - Rampe da piazzale

The solution for loading ramps

We have developed and perfected a system capable of allowing a single operator to manage all loading and unloading operations in complete autonomy, speed and safety.

Our loading ramps are designed in full compliance with the design criteria indicated in the most recent decrees and are supported by all the guarantees and certifications that only a quality product can offer.

They are subjected to the hot-dip galvanizing process to be impervious to atmospheric agents and corrosion for an operational life of decades and the work surface is made up entirely of non-slip notched grating to allow perfect adherence with the wheels of the vehicles in all conditions, even wet or snowy.

Choose the simplest, fastest and cheapest handling solution for your company using our loading/unloading yard ramps. We have a large warehouse with many items ready for delivery. Once delivered, the ramp can be used immediately, no authorization or permit is required and neither masonry work nor electrical connections are required.

Our range of standard products is able to meet the needs of most logistics companies and in general of all companies that need to move heavy goods.

Rampe di carico - G4 Energy
G4Energy - Rampe di carico e da piazzale

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