Photovoltaic systems

Customized civil and industrial photovoltaic systems

If you are looking for a reliable and competent company for the construction of photovoltaic systems, G4 Energy is the ideal solution for you!
Thanks to the vast experience and the excellent expertise of our technicians, we are able to offer customized and high quality solutions, suitable to meet the needs of any customer, both in the industrial and civil sectors.

Opting for a G4 Energy photovoltaic system means investing in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Our plants are designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and high quality components. In addition, we guarantee excellent performance even in low light conditions, thanks to our products compliant with the EN 1090 Execution Class and accompanied by a structural calculation report.

With G4 Energy, you have several photovoltaic solutions available, including roof, ground, integrated, storage and hybrid systems. Each solution is designed and designed according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring an optimization of the investment and greater energy sustainability.



Ideal solution to create parking or charging spaces for electric vehicles covered and protected from the sun.



Innovative and efficient solution for sustainable agriculture.

Ground systems and photovoltaic shelters

The photovoltaic shelters are an excellent option to build covered parking areas and sheltered from the sun, as well as providing a charging service for electric vehicles such as cars, bicycles and scooters. The systems we design are customized according to the specific local and international regulations regarding wind, snow and seismic resistance.

Our expertise and experience allow us to propose efficient and high quality solutions, responding to the specific needs of each customer. With the photovoltaic shelters of G4 Energy, it is possible to create functional and sustainable parking spaces, using solar energy to generate clean electricity.

Thanks to the use of sophisticated 3D modeling software, we are able to present a photorealistic preview of the project already completed in the estimation phase. This allows our customers to accurately visualize the appearance of the structure and make any changes before work starts.

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses

Agricultural photovoltaic greenhouses are plants that use solar energy to provide a protected environment suitable for the cultivation of flowers, plants and vegetables, while using an innovative and efficient method to promote sustainable agriculture and reduce the consumption of electricity from non-renewable sources.

The supporting structure of these greenhouses can be made of aluminum or iron, as needed, while the walls and roof are made of glass or plastic. Through the use of photovoltaic technology, greenhouses produce clean electricity, which can be used to power the control systems of crops, such as irrigation, air conditioning and ventilation. These systems can be managed with computer equipment, allowing accurate and personalized control of crops.

Agricultural photovoltaic greenhouses can be tailored to your specific needs and available space, making them an optimal solution for urban agriculture and sustainable cultivation. This ensures the production of high-quality food, while helping to reduce the environmental impact of agricultural activities.

Assistance and maintenance

The maintenance of photovoltaic systems also falls within the competence of G4 Energy, which provides a service and repair service to ensure optimal efficiency and longevity of the plants.

Opting for G4 Energy in the construction of a photovoltaic system is equivalent to putting yourself in the hands of qualified experts and sensitive to customer needs, ensuring a high quality product and a complete and safe service support.

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