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Ramps for vans

The loading and unloading ramps as well as the ramps for vans can be present in numerous work environments, such as in construction sites where it is necessary to implement a handling project or in the activities of storage of various materials, as well as loading and unloading of goods. and equipment necessary for the normal performance of the workflow within industries and factories or on construction sites.


Among the various loading and unloading ramps that g4energy offers, there are the loading ramps for vans for which the loading and unloading action is essential. In fact, many vans are not equipped with ramps and often need many men to load or unload heavy materials. This is where g4 energy van ramps come into play, helping to perform heavy duty operations even with few available men.

Our truck and van ramps are ready to be used on all types of trucks. Thanks to their flexibility, these van loading ramps can adapt to the truck and start loading immediately. To prevent equipment or machinery from slipping off the ramps, they are specially designed with edges on each side and an optional hook to suit your preferences.

Made of lightweight aluminum and mechanically welded for a strong and durable construction, this type of van ramp can be easily transported wherever you want. Our selection is available in various sizes and two capacity options, 1000kg or 2000kg. These ramps have been certified and tested at 200% of this capacity to ensure ultra-strong support. All our loading ramps for trucks and vans are designed for easy handling and have a resistant non-slip surface while complying with safety directives.

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