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Mobile sheds in metal carpentry:

We make metal carpentry coverings coated with pvc sheet, sandwich panels or sheet metal.

In addition, we have developed a “kit” in which it is possible to build a shed with a photovoltaic system included in the coverage to help companies contain energy costs.

We assist our customer in all the phases of realization, from the inspection to the estimate up to the installation.

All our structures are designed, calculated and reported by qualified engineers according to all regulations of reference.

For the construction of the structure skeleton, whether fixed or mobile, we use hot-dip galvanized carbon steel as its intrinsic properties of resilience and toughness allow for the creation of sturdy structures, which are difficult to alter by atmospheric agents, can be quickly installed and are extremely economical compared to the traditional building.

Advantages of a metal carpentry tunnel:

carpentry sheds offer several advantages:

  • Speed ​​of realization:

During the authorization phase (for which we can provide you with all the necessary documentation and technical support) we start with the design and construction of the metal carpentry, in order to optimize times and speed up the supply;

  • Flexibility:

Thanks to the infinite customization possibilities of the project through the use of carpentry for the construction of the supporting structure, we can create covers that adapt to all the different needs of the companies present in the national and international territory;

  • Low costs:

Compared to classic reinforced concrete structures, the realization costs are extremely low;


Type of materials:

we only use certified materials:

  • Metal carpentry entirely hot-dip galvanized, accompanied by all the certificates of origin of the profiles used;
  • Certified structural bolts;
  • Anchoring systems certified and sized by a licensed civil engineer;
  • PVC sheet of different thicknesses depending on use, class 2 fireproof;
  • Sandwich panels + photovoltaic

agricultural sheds

agricultural sheds

For hay storage, agricultural tractors, livestock farms, and indoor crops.

mobile sheds

mobile sheds

Mobile carpentry tunnels and loading / unloading systems such as ramps from the yard.

retractable industrial warehouses

retractable industrial warehouses

Retractable warehouses: an immediate solution for every industrial need.

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