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Agricultural sheds

Pvc roofing, sheds and tunnels for hay storage, agricultural tractors, livestock farms, and indoor crops.
The agricultural tunnels also known as single or double arch “PVC roofing” used to shelter agricultural crops, manual tools, large vehicles such as trucks and tractors, but also for livestock and agricultural farms. Thanks to over 10 years of market experience, G4 energy is one of the few companies in northern Italy to have specialized in the sale of agricultural tunnels.

What are the G4 Energy Agricultural Tunnels for?

Agricultural tunnels can have multiple functions and be different types and depending on their function they can be called:
- Stable tunnel
- PVC covers
- Tunnel for livestock breeding
- Agricultural sheds
The uses that these agricultural tunnels make available are multiple as we can see.
What kind of agricultural buildings and why choose G4 Energy?

Custom industrial covers

Industrial tunnel sheds in metal carpentry are a valid solution to protect both work materials, including machinery, and users. G4 ENERGY offers professional solutions for industrial tunnel sheds: innovation is a strong point of this company, which has allowed it to become a specialist in the field of fixed and retractable industrial roofs.

In addition to simple tunnel sheds, G4 ENERGY offers complete solutions for agricultural tunnel sheds: materials specifically designed to ensure perfect environmental insulation, and to protect all agricultural products and related machinery from bad weather. The agricultural tunnel sheds can be built both fixed and with retractable roofing, depending on the needs of the customers.
G4 ENERGY takes care not only of the assembly, but also of the design of the sheds: a practical and simple service that will allow you to obtain the best agricultural tunnel sheds without worries.
The agricultural tunnel sheds are made with high strength PVC covers. Cover panels in insulated and heat-insulating materials are also available, which allow long-term savings on air conditioning costs.
The closures of agricultural tunnel sheds are available in two types: safety closures and transit closures. Each closure model is tailored to the needs of each customer: folding and sliding doors, safety sectional doors, roll-up doors and quick-folding doors are available. The varied production allows the construction of warehouses that can be adapted to numerous business realities, from the small family-run farm to the needs of large multinationals.

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