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Mobile sheds

Tunnel in pvc

mobile carpentry tunnels and loading and unloading systems

G4 Energy srl is a company that offers complete solutions in the logistics sector able to meet the needs of every company.
Fixed and Retractable Sheds covered in PVC and / or with thermal insulating panels.

Industrial security and transit doors (rapid folding doors, horizontal and vertical roll-up doors, sectional, folding and sliding doors).
Systems for loading and unloading goods, isothermal portals, platforms.
Design, construction and installation of mezzanines, canopies, canopies, buildings with steel structures for all industrial sectors.
G4 Energy is the 100% Italian company that deals with the design and construction of solutions such as loading ramps, mobile sheds and PVC sheds.

Among the various types of sheds designed by G4 Energy that are used to create covered spaces that can be used as temporary warehouses or to create deposits in which to carry out special processes, there are many models depending on the need: retractable sheds, mobile sheds, removable and retractable sheds and many others.
The g4 energy industrial sheds are equipped with additional accessories such as customized sliding systems, insulation and opening and sliding doors. In fact, through special guides placed on the ground or on the beam, the shed becomes in effect retractable and mobile for easy use.

The movable roofs we make have a PVC covering sheet which, together with the galvanized steel, allow our warehouses to cover large surfaces that withstand all climatic conditions, even the most difficult ones. G4 Energys mobile sheds are the ideal solution for any type of company because they are: modular, customizable and above all cheaper than any other company.


The pvc roofs offered by G4 energy are classified as mobile sheds without building permit and therefore fall within the legislation on mobile sheds. This means that they do not require special certifications and permits making their use much easier. In fact, taxation also meets those who intend to use this type of structures. Steel warehouses, tensile structures are subject to a single municipal tax which means that the entrepreneur can pay the IMU on the mobile warehouse like a normal company building.

To find out the prices of G4Energy mobile sheds and other solutions for logistics, request a free quote.
To find out the prices of G4Energy mobile sheds and other solutions for logistics, request a free quote.
The assembly time of a shed varies from 45 to 60 days depending on the complexity of the shed and the geolocation.
All the steel and pvc structures offered by G4 energy are designed ad-hoc and can be customized.

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