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Retractable industrial buildings

an immediate solution for every industrial need

The retractable warehouses of the G4 ENERGY company represent the simplest solution for requests for expansion or construction from scratch of covered industrial areas used for storage, or for the simple loading and unloading of goods and materials in transit.
All retractable warehouses, as well as the fixed ones, are designed and then built directly by the company through the use of high quality materials. In addition, all mobile covers can be motorized to facilitate opening and closing.

speed at affordable prices

In addition to retractable warehouses, G4 ENERGY responds to the needs of warehouse logistics through the design and construction of retractable industrial roofs. In addition to being convenient from an economic point of view, a solution of this type allows rapid installation capable of solving any sudden need.
Through the retractable industrial covers it is possible to respond to any storage need of the large-scale retail trade.

Among the structures designed and built by G4 ENERGY:
- mobile tunnels
- special tunnels
- double slope tunnel
- modular double slope roofs
- insulated roofs
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Retractable warehouses and retractable industrial roofs represent only a part of the company's current production.

G4 ENERGY is a company that offers customized solutions in the logistics sector that can meet the most varied needs: from multinationals to large companies, up to small artisans.
In addition to the construction and installation of the roofs, G4 ENERGY supports client companies through the preparation of the feasibility examination, the design analysis and through the handling of paperwork.

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